{Shabbat Inspiration}

The last few Shabbats I have posted a picture of my Shabbat table on Instagram and Facebook.

My friend, Morgan, had the wonderful idea to take weekly pics of our Shabbat tables. The motivation is to inspire and encourage one another. 🙂

As a mom with two littles, there are days when I don’t even get a shower! Cooking isn’t really my thing. My nice serving platters and dishes are all packed away… waiting to move. Sometimes… ok, lets be honest, (a lot of times) the whole idea of cleaning the house and serving a lavish meal on a beautifully set table… EVERY FRIDAY(???) feels overrated. 

I have been encouraged and inspired to take the extra time to set my Shabbat table knowing I have friends all over making Erev Shabbat a priority as well.


I have learned the hard way not to wait until friday to start preparing for Shabbat! I have found that if I do a little work each day it is not overwhelming and it infuses the light of Shabbat into my weekdays. 🙂

Here is my new and improved Shabbat prep schedule: 

Monday – Start cleaning, listen to the Torah portion while doing chores.

Tuesday – Laundry, wash tablecloth, Read Chumash commentary .

Wednesday – Clean house  (TRY make sure ALL the cleaning is done.)

Thursday – Make challah, dessert, food prep , set the table

Friday – Cook, baths, layout clothes for Shabbat, Prep Shabbat lunch

Saturday – Shabbat!!! 

Sunday – Pick Shabbat menu, back to work 🙂

Here are a few of my favorite related quotes:

“The week does not carry Shabbat … Shabbat carries the week.”

“You get out of Shabbat what you put into Shabbat — from the clothes you wear to the sheets on which you sleep.”

“You don’t get dressed for guests, you get dressed for Shabbat.”

“Friday is not a time for frantic physical preparation for Shabbat, but rather unhurried, spiritual preparation for this important day. Take time to do some reading and thinking about the whole concept of Shabbat.”

“Shabbat is a queen that makes the humblest home into a palace.” (b. Talmud) 

If you are a Shabbat pro… what are your tips? If you are like me, I hope this encourages you to take part in the Erev Shabbat festivities! Let me see some pics!!!