{Preschool at Our Home}: Art, Music, and Movement! (2014-2015)


{I’m back.}

My life has been busy and BLESSED the last several months. We began house hunting in early spring. We have since moved, unpacked, and found a new normal in our beautiful home! I’m hopeful now that things are less {CRAZY} I will be able to devout more time to blogging!

We are gearing up for preschool at home and I thought a great way to ease back into blogging would be sharing our homeschool curriculum selections for this year in a series of posts. 😀


Come Look With Me (Series) by Gladys Blizzard


The Come Look With Me series is an excellent resource for introducing children to art and artists! We currently own Enjoying Art with Children and Animals in Art. 

Each book reviews 15 different works of art. Under each painting, you can find basic information about the work. On the opposite page, there are great (age appropriate) questions about the painting and your child’s observations as well as a paragraph of background information.


 I really like that the questions encourage preschoolers to practice their narrative skills! Also, several books in the series include works of art from different eras/time periods. The review questions provide an opportunity to talk to preschoolers about historical facts!

Art for the Very Young by Elizabeth Kelly


Art for the Very Young introduces preschoolers to various art concepts (lines/shadows/shapes/colors/textures/mediums) through simple crafts. Part two of the book introduces famous artists through crafts that replicate the artist’s style.

Each lesson includes a supply list, simple instructions, and enrichment ideas to supplement the lesson.


Famous Paintings Flashcards (Usborne)


These are amazing! The deck includes 30 of the most well known works of art. My favorite thing about these flashcards is that they are made out of thick chipboard making them preschool friendly!!! On the back of each flashcard you can find information about the painting, a description of the piece, suggestions of things to look for and point out to the kids, and a fact!


{The idea behind these is simply early exposure to good art NOT memorization of facts.}

I only plan to spend 20-25 minutes a week on art… aside from the daily coloring, cutting, and pasting. 🙂


Wee Sing Children’s Songs and Fingerplays by Pamela Con Beall

Ori loves to learn the fingerplays!

M is for Melody: A Music Alphabet by Kathy-jo Wargin

This beautifully illustrated book reviews music terminology, concepts, styles, and composers as you go through the alphabet.

 Composer Flashcards


I found a set of free composer flashcard printables online and laminated them. I plan to put them up on our weekly learning board as we go over each composer.

Ori loves music! As we are learning about different composers we will listen to their music via youtube, do color pages, and check out books from the library! Again, the idea is just early exposer to good music.

{Music is a daily thing for us! We have playlists of our favorite kids songs on youtube and I have included different children’s music CD’s in our daily busy boxes.}


Aside from playing outside, splashing in our pool, and {occasionally} Zumba…

I found several sets of action flashcards that I printed and laminated. I put each deck in our daily busy boxes. (Thank you, Pinterest!)


Figure Skater Cards

Insect Action Cards

Animal Action Cards

ABC Exercise Cards 

I hope you enjoy this series and find this list of resources useful! Check back for my next post on our math, logic, and science preschool curriculum selections!




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