Noach’s Six Month Update


My little man is six months old! Time goes by so much faster with the second baby. Not sure how I feel about that…

However, I do know that I am in love! Noach has been such a blessing and joy. He is very sweet natured and a much better sleeper than his big sister ever was!

He weighs 19 pounds, is 25 inches long, and has outgrown all his 6 months clothes. It’s funny because he seems to have stayed the same size since birth. He was huge! (I still have to write about that story one of these days.) He really isn’t chubby just big all over… (more to cuddle). His eyes are still a piercing blue with light grey flecks! He also has mini payot in the works but we are planning to have an upsherninish when he is three. I’m sure we will get lots of questions about that one!

Noach is also lovely referred to as: noe, sugar plump, gus gus (the chubby mouse from Cinderella), little sir, pooda, and baby guy.

He has recently discovered his voice. He loves to jibber jabber and says dada (although unintentional); Alex likes to rub it in. He is happiest when someone is engaging him in conversation. He is usually bouncing away in his bouncer, at my feet while I do the dishes or sitting in his bumbo, as I fold laundry. He is fascinated by his own hands and feet, scoots backwards, chews on everything, pulls hair, drools a ton, and loves to play with anything bright and squishy… like most 6 month olds. 😉

Unlike Ori, He started sleeping on his own around 5 months! I noticed that he was becoming pretty restless at night so I decided it was time to make the transition. After about a week of establishing a routine, breaking the nursing to sleep habit, and some troubleshooting he began sleeping on his own. His *usual* bedtime is around 7:30PM and he normally wakes up around 6:30AM. Sometimes I go get him and bring him in bed with me to catch up on snuggles before its time. I can’t control myself. :o) He takes about three naps a day and usually let’s me put him in his crib awake!!! I am still in disbelief. He is a tummy sleeper and thumb sucker.

No teeth yet but they are coming! Also unlike Ori, he loves to eat! At around 5 months, I noticed that he was extremely interested in whatever I was eating. He looked like a sad puppy dog waiting for crumbs to fall from the table.  After discussing starting solids with my pediatrician we decided to start on veggies at 5 ½ months. He loves it and seems to be much more content. I am happy I went with my mommy instinct on that one and didn’t make him wait. All babies are different. We did two weeks of just veggies and now we are adding fruit into the mix. 😀

He nurses about 5-6 times a day. I love that precious time with him. I will be sad when it ends. He isn’t as into nursing as Ori was. He will only nurse when he is in the mood and gets pretty ticked if I try and encourage it. I’m not sure how much longer he will nurse but I will enjoy it while it lasts.

He isn’t mobile yet but I hear that is pretty common with boys… not that am complaining either! He is starting to get leery of strangers too. A few days ago a lady came up to talk to him while he was lounging in our Costco basket. He started crying like someone was sawing off his leg! I had to get him out and calm him down. The poor guy also gets startled and poked and prodded all the time by his extremely loud and rough big sis. Between having Ori as a sibling and his size I think he might have a bright future in football. 😀

Overall, he is really laid back and I am so thankful. It is so much different the second time around! I don’t have as much one on one time with him. I don’t worry about him meeting milestones. I haven’t been as good about documenting things. But… I love him just as much as my firstborn. I don’t remember learning that the human heart can grow… but I’m pretty sure it does every time a mom has a new baby. Mine did! 




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