~ A Baby Boy ~

BOY… a lot has changed since my last post!

I am 21 weeks pregnant with baby #2! I really meant to update you all A LONG time ago. Life is busy and full of new and exciting changes.

Just weeks after Grandma Joyce passed away we learned we were expecting. It was a bittersweet blessing. Still mourning the loss of one of my closest family members and opening my heart to welcome a new one was a lot to emotionally digest. After the initial surprise wore off we were overjoyed! G-d knew what my heart needed. We were definitely surprised to see those two pink lines… conceiving Ori took over a year with fertility treatments… this baby happened all on it’s own.

The first trimester was intense. My experience with my first pregnancy was great. I had very little symptoms and felt wonderful. This pregnancy has been SO different. Days after finding out I was pregnant, the nausea set in BIG TIME! Combined with the fatigue, I basically didn’t move for the first fourteen weeks. No fun. Now that I am well into the second trimester I am feeling so much better and have energy again.  At my 17 week appointment we had an anatomy scan which revealed we are having a baby boy! My mommy instincts were right this time around. Now that I know the gender, have a name picked, feel his movement, and finally feel human again, reality is sinking in and I’m getting super excited!

We are so blessed to be using our midwives at Nativiti Birth Center again. I am looking forward to another wonderful natural birth experience.

This pregnancy has flown by so quickly and I have so much to do before “little man” makes his big debut. I am trying to prep Ori for all the changes, pack (we are moving), begin the house hunting process, and enjoy as much time as possible as a family of three. Needless to say, we are busy and we have a lot going on… but it’s all good stuff. I’m excited and happy and looking forward to all of the positive changes. I will keep you all posted. Promise.




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