Overdue Update…

Sorry for falling off the blogging bandwagon! As you all know… life happens. “Shessh… I really wish it would stop doing that!”

I blame the lack of posts on having a very inquisitive toddler who can now reach our computer keyboard (and help type), feeling uninspired and inadequate, having a crazy schedule, and illness in the family. Bringing everything back into balance and taking time for me has proved to be difficult. The last few months have been eventful and I don’t want to miss out on any more opportunities to write about the goings on in our little family.

What’s New ….

Job Change

Alex changed jobs about a month ago. He went to work for a previous supervisor who he has a great work history and relationship with. He even gave Alex every Shabbat off! Not only is his work, minutes from home, he now has a set schedule (no more on-call!), higher pay, amazing benefits (including insurance that covers our midwives!), and will be able to go to school to become a CWI at the company’s expense! We are truly blessed.


Ori is currently 14 months and as cute as ever!  She is so smart. It is fascinating to sit and watch her play. Everyday she does something (or a lot of things) new.

Her vocabulary consists of: uh-oh, mama, dada, bow bow (she is still nursing 😉 ), bye bye, yuck yuck, num num, cheese, hot, all done, baby, ball, awww, that, Blues Clues, bubbles, no no, and ya.

She can also make these animal sounds – woof woof, moo moo, hee haa, doodle doo, hoo hoo, quackt quackt, and oint oint. (Hehe.)

She starting walking at 11 months and proceeded to run the next day.

Her current favorite things are: Blues Clues, the iPad, puzzles, her v-tech smart phone, baby dolls, colorings, bubbles, reading books, going bye bye, and story time at the library every Tuesday.

Cute things she does:  hugs, kisses, and pats her baby dolls on the back, pats Alex and I on the back when we hold her, gives us really good squeeze hugs, the hokey pokey dance, dances whenever she hears music, tries to stand on her head, and kisses the mezuzah. 😀

Not so cute things she does:

When you say, “come here” or “this way” she runs the opposite direction, tries intently to electrocute herself by putting things in power outlets (we did finally invest in outlet cover for home but when we are out that’s the first place she goes!), throws food on the floor (I hate dogs but I’m seriously considering buying one.), tries to press buttons on our printer while in use… I ended up with 15 copies of something before I realized it. (Sigh.) She also likes to pretend she is a water fountain and spew water or juice from her mouth after drinking from her sippy cup.

She has 8 teeth and currently wears 18 months clothes/size 4 shoes.  Oh and her hair is finally long enough to put in a tiny ponytail. Precious!


I ‘m going through a tough season in my life.  I have been battling feelings of depression and isolation. My grandmother and aunt (my only close in-state relatives) are both going through gruesome cancer treatments, both with major setbacks. I have felt overwhelmed by the needs I see around me,  and my limited ability to meet them. I am not a comforter by nature and sometimes I don’t know what to say to them because I am just as scared as they are. Its times like these I really miss having my parents in town.  😦

The desire for community has also weighed heavy on my heart as of late. I guess with so much change within my own life and family the last few years I’m longing for something of permanence. Having a kid has also brought into perspective how crucial family and a community of like-minded believers are to support you. (Babysitters hello!) But as the saying goes, “The only thing that doesn’t change is there will be change.”

I have been making a conscious effort to spend time on mommy. : D

Recently I:

  • Enjoyed a fun night out at the Glazery (ceramic pottery place) with some girlfriends and made a Star of David Plate and Mezuzah
  • Got my nails done with my mom while she was in town (both a rare treat!)
  • Joined the book club at the library… I’m going to my first group discussion next week… this month’s literature selection is Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Dofoe
  • Put together lessons plans for each book on the Before Five In A Row book list for Ori’s preschool (Call me a dork but I’m so pumped about homeschooling!)
  • Made an extensive amazon wish list for toys, Montessori preschool items, and homeschool related goodies 😀
  • Enjoyed a few thrift shopping sprees (founds some cutes things from J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Express, and great fall scarves!)
  • Hosted The Tallent Family for Shabbat
  • Discovered the most amazing condiment at My Pita, a local Kosher eatery.
  • Listened to all of Goldie Plotkin’s teaching on chabad.org (She is amazing!)
  • And soon to enroll in the Fire Fly Race with some friends (a nighttime 5k run involving glow sticks!)

Things on my to do list:

  • Organize closets
  • Sell things on Craig’s List,
  • Make a new menu plan
  • Make daily trips to visit my grandma
  • Read – an hour a day
  • Find a baby sitter to start incorporating monthly date nights for Alex and I
  • Get routine car maintenance done (Fun fun.)
  • Temporarily suppress the urge for more babies! ;D

Well that’s it for now folks…

Lila Tov! (or Maybe Boker Tov.. It’s 3 AM!!!!)



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