{Ladybug Nursery Tour}

When I found out I was having a baby I was sure it was a BOY. Alex and I had a really cute forest friends nursery theme picked out and everything! When our ultrasound revealed we were in fact having a baby {girl}… my nursery plans were scrapped and I went on a search to find the perfect girly theme. I had a hard time finding what I was looking for but when I saw the Kidsline Ladybug Collection – it was love at first sight! The fact that I was able to find the bedding and accessories in brand new condition on Craigslist and on clearance at Babies’R’Us also helped sell me. {Wink} While in labor I even had a {sign} that I had made the right choice… while on a walk with my mom and Alex to speed things up a lady bug landed on me! No Kidding!

Graco Lauren Crib in Espresso (Thanks Saba & Gigi!) + Ladybug Bedding $50 on craigslist!

!!!Ladybug Curtains + Glider + Ladybug Boppy!!!

I found this great bookshelf on clearance @ Target! The top shelf hold big girl books and the bottom shelf holds board books. The ladybug on top of the shelf is a night-light that makes star designs on the ceiling. Ori loves it!

I found a twin bed frame with a trundle for a good deal on Craigslist + DIY headboard +  Ladybug Quote (Thanks Pinterest!) +  twin bedding on Ebay for $40!

The nightstand we also found on clearance @ Target. We added a ladybug lamp + ladybug drawer pull + picture of mommy and daddy for a special touch.

Grandma Joyce made her this beautiful ladybug cross-stitch which reads “Let My Light Shine For Him – Oriyah Alexandria Bobylev – July 20th, 2011.”

The baskets from Target (my favorite store) are organized like so:

Top: Cloth Diapers, Cloth Wipes/Wetbags, Wipes Solution/Essential Oils/Lotions

Bottom: Cloth Diapers, Inserts, Socks/Bibs

The Expedit shelf from Ikea works great for toy storage + the laundry hamper was another Craigslist find + picked up the lady bug piggy bank from the dollar store + and as soon as I get my hands on a {power drill} I will mount the corner shelf holding a beautiful flower arrangement my friend made for my baby shower… that happens to match her room perfectly! 😀

Night Light 😀

Blanket Storage

No room is complete without a Mezuzah!

Another DIY project!

Overall, I’m pleased with the way her nursery turned out! It’s girly but I think she will be able to grow into it as well.




3 thoughts on “{Ladybug Nursery Tour}

  1. Did you hand-paint the mezuzah, have a friend do it, or find it online? Wow! Everything came together so well. 🙂 That is also amazing that a ladybug even landed on you! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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