“Food Before For One… Just For Fun?”

During my pregnancy, I decided to delay introducing solids until Oriyah was at least six months old. Numerous studies have outlined the benefits of waiting until a babies digestive system is more mature to introduce foods such as lessened risk of developing food allergies. After reading about the nutritional benefits of making homemade baby food v. store-bought baby food…(even the Organic stuff) I decided that was something I wanted to do as well. Our {slightly crunchy} pediatrician encouraged me that breastfeed babies do not need solid foods for at least the first six months and that homemade foods were best for baby.

When we received  a few baby food making gadgets over the holidays I was excited to start whipping up my own baby food. Honestly, I was a little disappointed when Oriyah wanted nothing to do with my yummy creations. She would turn her head, refuse to open her mouth, or spit the food back out with a disgusted look on her face. At eight months old she is still exclusively breastfeed… for the most part. Over the last few months I have offered her different puree foods and little pieces of avocado and banana and let her go to town… exploring. 😀

A few weeks ago at a consignment event, I struck up a conversation with another mom who had a baby girl two weeks older than Ori. When she asked what we were doing for solids I simply told her Ori wasn’t very interested, that a few times a week I will offer solids so she can explore and get used to different textures and flavors, but that for the most part we are still breastfeeding and we are happy. The lady lectured me on how I was harming my baby by denying her solids and how if I didn’t introduce them soon she would never eat them. {Guilt Trip OVERLOAD!}

I came home asking that question first-time moms find themselves asking often, “Am I doing the right thing?” …. “Am I ruining my child?” Looking for answers, I logged onto the La Leche league Forum to see if other moms had written about delaying solid foods or babies who just weren’t interested. I was encouraged to find that it seemed to be common for some breastfeed babies not to be interested in solid foods until much later. I came across the phrase… “Food Before One Is Just For Fun.” While that may be controversial to some… I agree! Breast milk is specially designed for each baby and actually changes to adapt to their nutritional needs and demands as they grow. It is perfectly healthy and safe for the majority of a baby’s caloric intake to come from breast milk for at least the first 12-14 months. I figure… when she is ready… she’ll be ready.

All this to say… if you find yourself with a breastfeed baby who isn’t very interested in solid foods right away… don’t stress! There is no need to force feed your baby! Just remember… “Food Before One Is Just For Fun”!

*Note* I am not a pediatrician or nutritionist. I encourage all mama’s to do some research and do what works for you and your baby. All babies are different.



5 thoughts on ““Food Before For One… Just For Fun?”

  1. This made me laugh out loud! Daria was exclusively breastfed until she was almost a year old because she REFUSED to eat any food homemade, store bought, cut into pieces, etc. She is 4 and not breastfeeding lol and eats regular food fine! I love overly smart mothers 🙂 who insist on giving unwanted advice! I also like my pediatrician Savva loves food but the doctor has always said food is just “extra” not necessary breastmilk should be his key nutrient even at 10 months!

      • Just now saw this comment! Dr. Singh or Dr. Suffridge at Pediatrics & Adolescents of Northwest Houston. They have also been awesome about letting me vaccinate how and when I want and were not weirded out by the whole Nativiti thing lol 🙂

  2. I enjoyed your write up so much and could relate somewhat…..I can’t beleive Rohi is already a year old. We don’t have that problem. Now, I have the creativity problem. Mommy doesn’t know what to cook for baby! I have found now that he wants thing he cant eat himself. He no longer wants puree stuff. He love the hebrew nationals. I think we will be buying some stock in the company! Seriously, he seems uninterested in mommy foods unless he can grab it or it includes meats!

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