{Greatest Inventions: Breastfeeding Edition}

To all my new mommy friends,

Breastfeeding… it’s a lot harder than it sounds! Here is a list of the {greatest inventions} that helped me overcome some common nursing issues.

Traditional Medicinals – Organic Mother’s Milk Tea

This yummy tea has a great blend of organic herbs that help promote lactation. Drinking a few cups a day during the first few weeks after baby helps establish a good milk supply. DO NOT… I REPEAT DO NOT… over do it! My midwife told me they had a mama drink this like it was raspberry leaf tea (by the gallon)… lets just say… it’s very difficult for a tiny baby to latch onto a brick wall and engorgement is no fun. 😉

Gilligan & O’Malley® Womens Side Sling Nursing Tank

I spent a decent amount of money on expensive nursing bras but these comfy tanks have been my go-to… can’t live without them! The best part is they are $16.99 at Target!


Nursing Cover – www.uttercovers.com

I have tried several different covers and this one is my favorite. Unlike other covers, the rigid neckline gives you direct eye contact with baby!

Philips AVENT – Comfort Breast Shells

LIFESAVER! Loved these! If you need shells try these! Out of the three brands I tried these were by far the best!

Medela Contact – Nipple Shield

For mamas with latch issues or flat nipples, these come in handy! Make sure you get Medela Contact shields. Shields are a pain to deal with but it’s what kept me going. Ori weaned herself off using them at around eight weeks old.

Earth Mama Angel Baby – Natural Nipple Butter

Great stuff!

Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple Everter

This is another great product for anatomically challenged mamas. I only needed to use this for the first few weeks but it was worth the $12!


Bobby Pillow

My boppy pillow is well-loved. 😀


Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads

Great invention! These offer mamas cooling relief… like adhesive ice packs. ;D


La Leche League  – http://forums.llli.org/

Amazing resource! Whenever I have a breastfeeding related issue I check out what other mama’s have to say on the forum.








2 thoughts on “{Greatest Inventions: Breastfeeding Edition}

  1. If could add one more thing I would recommend a giant insulated cup with a handle and a straw. I found them great to keep me hydrated and was able to use just one hand to drink:) The other would be the cool cupcake app for timing nursing sessions and to remember what side to start on. Loved your other recommendations!

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