~ August At Our Home ~

Highlights of the month:

  • Gigi’s Stay – My mom came down for about 6 weeks to help with the  new baby. I loved every minute of her stay. She was such a blessing! It was comforting to have her nearby to ask for help, advice, and often times “Mom, is this normal?’ 😀  Turns out she is a great labor doula, postpartum nurse, and lactation consultant!
  • Two Week Midwife Appointment – Ori weighted in at 7 lbs 12oz. We even took pictures with our AMAZING midwife Trish and posed in the birth pool. (I looked much better the second time around.)
  • Oriyah’s Baby Dedication – We decided to have her baby dedication while my family was in town… so glad we did!
  • First Date – Alex and I went on our first date without Ori. It was bittersweet but I knew to take advantage of free babysitting while Gigi was in town. We ended up at Barnes and Nobles (in the kids section lol). When we came home Alex and I raced up the stairs to see our girl. {grin}
  • Breastfeeding In Public – We had a girls day out and decided to stop by Cafe Express for lunch. Little miss decided it was time for her to eat aswell. I looked around the restaurant and could not find a discreet hiding spot to nurse. Thus, I resolved to take a chair into the big stall of the women’s bathroom to nurse. Unfortunately, a rather rude lady “needed” that particular stall so an employee came in and asked me to leave. *I’ve been kicked out of nicer establishments* {wink}
  • New Job – Adjusting to Alex’s new job has been difficult. It demands a lot of his time but he doesn’t have a set schedule which makes it difficult to plan. Initially, this job is more work less pay. It’s challenged my faith but I know we made the right decision. I look forward to seeing where his hard work and diligence will take him in the near future. I have purposed in my heart to commit this area of our lives to Hashem and pray for my husband to have favor in all the work he sets his hands to. He makes me so proud.
  • Motherhood – Lovin it! I look at my daughter and instantly become a big puddle of mush! How can something so small evoke such feelings in my heart? I love her! One of my favorite quotes says, “Wherever you are be all there.” It is easy to get tired, frustrated, irritable, and overwhelmed with a new baby. When I start feeling that way I’m reminded… motherhood is my ministry. When my daughter cries I can comfort her. When she is naked I clothe her. When she is hungry I feed her. When she is sleepy I hold her close and sing to her. She always wants to be held and she won’t stay asleep in her bassinet for longer than 10 minutes. Yet…. what other time in my life will I be able to hold her in my arms (for most of the day)? When else will Alex and I ever fall asleep with our hands resting on our tiny little baby laying next to us?
  • Ori – This month she grew over an inch and more than 1 lb, into 0-3 months clothes, and began smiling and cooing. Her favorite hobbies include: nursing, sleeping in her hava sling, lounging in her baby bath, and having “coo-versations” with daddy every morning.

~ The Simple Things I’m Thankful For ~

Watching my baby sleep, holding my husband’s hand, the team effort of bathing our girl, days when I get to shower, dry my hair, AND put on makeup, baking with Ori in her moby wrap, the way Alex looks at me when I’m holding our baby, my iphone (AKA: connection with the outside world), Ori’s voice, texting friends, naps, clean sheets, and a newly found favorite… Nutella!

And I “Quote”

Gigi – “I don’t know who is going to cry more when I leave… Ori, Crysta, or Alex.”

Alex -* Looking down at Ori and throws hands in the air* “Take everything!” , “She is so cute… she looks just like me!”

Crysta – *Crazy Voice* “She’s so cute I’m gunna die!!!” (Watch Despicable Me!) , “Your killin me… I  love you.”

Uncle Benny – *Watching Ori get a bath* “I see her butt… disgusting… I can’t look.”

Laila Tov,



One thought on “~ August At Our Home ~

  1. Ori is very cute. It was good seeing you all this past weekend. Alex’s new job may be tough in the beginning, but he’s giving himself a good shot at moving up faster. No risk, no reward. It takes a lot of courage and determination to step out of one’s comfort zone. You all make quite a team!

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